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“Welcome to Saigon Houses, one of the best HOME magazine site available exclusively online. Founded and created by home lovers, Saigon Houses invites you into inspirational homes. Whether you passion is landscape design, interior design, outdoor design, luxury lifestyle or decorating ideas, we have a wide variety of content you can enjoy reading. Our goal is to bring you exceptional homes across the world, as well as expert advice about transforming living spaces. In fact, our home magazine is for everyone who is interested in living well in a good surrounding.

Our Home magazine site delivers:

• Latest news, developments and trends in the world of home design, decoration, space utilization and landscaping

• Interesting information on how you can turn your house into a smart home using the latest home technologies

• Interesting ideas on how you can make your home a safe haven and healthy environment where you can reconnect with your family members and friends

• Information about home technology and how it impacts the future


Our mission is to gather information about homes that inform, inspire and entertain both younger and the older generation. You can take an exciting adventure with Saigon Houses as it continues to report interesting information about home landscape design, interior design, outdoor design, luxury lifestyle, home decoration ideas and much more.

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We are one of the most read and trusted online home magazine site when it comes to giving expert advice and tips on how to make the most out of a living space. Our home magazine site makes home design, development, improvement or maintenance easier than before. Resource and products that you will need to meet your goals are just a click away.

While you’re here, you can check up to date information on what is happening in the world of home decoration, home landscape design, interior design and outdoor design. And if you are keen, you can find the latest products on the market for home improvements such as outdoor furniture and decks.

Our editors publish content that not only aims at inspiring home lovers but also content that raises confidence on what they plan to do. We feature articles and blogs that guide readers on how to select simple home projects that not only look great but also one that works.

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Over 10 million people visit our online home magazine site. We also have thousands of people following us on our social media platforms. We welcome users to subscribe to Saigon Houses since we are one of the trusted home magazine sites that send informative newsletters to subscribers when they want them.

Always keep in mind that we don’t own any home, design, or anything that we feature in our site. We publish content about home development or improvement that we think our readers can enjoy. Unlike our competitor home magazine sites, at Saigon Houses, it is all about honest and unbiased content.”

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