Bullets dismissed into walls, seat of Lower Paxton Township home

Residents of a Lower Paxton Township home found bullets dismissed into a walls and seat of their home Monday night.


A proprietor of a 1000 retard of Topview Drive called military around 7 p.m. to news he had detected several bullet holes in a walls and seat of his home, military said. Residents of other homes reported conference a shots.

Residents of a home struck told military they were in a kitchen and didn’t immediately comprehend sounds they listened were gunshots.

Police found bullet casings on a highway in front of a home, and a declare reported saying a dim blue Chevrolet Cavalier with several occupants withdrawal Topview Drive during a high rate of speed around a same time a shots were heard. The declare also told military a motorist was laughing.  

So far, military pronounced they aren’t certain if a home was targeted or either this was a pointless act. Anyone with information is asked to call military during 717-657-5656 or leave a tip with Lower Paxton Township police.

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