How to Design a Mediterranean Style Garden

No matter where you live you can create a Mediterranean-style garden in your back yard. With one of these gardens you can feel like you’re relaxing in the Mediterranean whenever you step out of your door. Here are some ideas and tips to help you create a stunning garden that you and your friends and family can enjoy.

Make Use of Clean Lines

Clean lines are going to be really distinct and stark. You want to have obvious divisions and you don’t want any sections of your garden to blend into other sections. Your walkways and patio should be very bright. Tiles or stone are great ways to create lines and borders. You want to be able to see the lines where your walkways end and transition. This creates a very contemporary feel and really captures the style of the Mediterranean.

A Courtyard Feel

Mediterranean homes traditionally have courtyards. You don’t actually need a courtyard to create a courtyard feel though. You can create this feel very simply by having more than one seating area. You’ll have seating on your patio, but you may also want a tiled area a few steps down as well. Seating at different levels like this is a great idea.

Choosing Plants

The plants in your Mediterranean garden are extremely important. You want strong lines to be visible and you also want strong plants that are well visible. Start with large, tall plants to begin creating a very busy feel. Tall plants also create a luxurious feel as well. Look for various evergreens that are different shades of green.

After selecting and placing your larger plants you want to fill in areas using smaller plants as well as potted plants. You want lots of potted plants on your patio and other sitting areas. The plants should be in tiled pots for the most authentic Mediterranean look. Choose both pots and plants of different sizes and incorporate a lot of different colors as well. Contrasting colors are great.

Some good plants and trees for a Mediterranean-style garden are olive and cypress trees, tall ornamental grasses, succulents and herbs like lavender and rosemary. Fragrant herbs can be used in your kitchen, but if you let them grow they also provide ground cover and other unique properties to your garden. Combine plants with green foliage with plants that have blue-green foliage. You also want a few blooming plants that have bright flowers in purples and yellows.

Incorporate Rustic Textures

Along with tiles and stone you may also want to consider some other textures as well, but ideally you should steer clear of wood. Have some gravel garden areas and incorporate some limestone as well as terracotta. Rustic, metal chairs are good for your seating areas. Glass-top tables with nice, frosted glass are good as places to sit your beverages and snacks. You can also incorporate water fixtures and fountains. You want these fixtures to be authentic stone. Again, limestone is great. Choose a limestone color that contrasts with other nearby colors.

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