How to Organize Your Home Office

It has often been said that proper organization is the key to many successful ventures, whether they are personal or business related. A disorganized space can result in confusion and maybe even a certain level of chaos. It is becoming an increasingly popular decision to work from home, but even if it wasn’t about your means of employment, it is a good idea to set apart an area for taking care of paying those dreaded monthly bills. There are instances where residents can set aside an entire room for that home office, on the other hand, integrating your office within another room has also been an option. In either case, proper organization will be the key.


Although it is not essential to be effective, if you can separate the home office into a room away from the rest of the house you can expect things to be a lot more organized. This is especially significant if there is a family involved, or you are using this space as a way to earn an income. It is also important when there is a need to avoid distractions in order to perform your responsibilities. With an individual room, it will be easier to avoid turning yourself into a workaholic and help you define the difference between home and work.

Focus On Productivity

One of the biggest problems that people working from home have run into is the family factor. With a desk or assigned space in close proximity to your family life, it is easy to see how items like dishes, clothes and other personal items could end up laying around on your desk. Avoid using the desk in your home office as a dumping ground, in fact, it is in your best interest to walk away from the office at meal times or anything else related to your family life.

Tools Of The Trade

It is impossible to perform your responsibilities effectively if the space you are operating from is cluttered. It is just as important to maintain organized desk drawers as it is to avoid unnecessary clutter on the surface where you will be working. You should maintain the same accessories in your home office as you would if you were working in an office environment. These tools might vary slightly depending on your profession, but they should include the basics like a stapler, letter opener and an area to differentiate your in and out activities. Keep your office supplies separate from the things you use at home.


This can be a tricky area, especially if space and finances are limited. A desk and office chair will be necessary; however, the need and size of your filing cabinets will be based on your job requirements. It is important to separate your individual filing from the information you keep for work, even if it is just by a drawer. Most home offices will use a home computer, at the same time, try to avoid sharing this computer for your own stuff. If you own an extra laptop or tablet, use that device for your personal browsing time and do this from another area in the home.

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