How To Organize Your Linens In Your Bedroom

There are multiple ways to organize a linen closet. Begin by thinking about what you are trying to accomplish with the organization of the space. The most common reasons to organize are to easily find items, access them fast and to make the space look more clean and pulled together. The key to organizing a linen closet is to keep the the linens together in sets. Create a folding technique that you can use on all the linens in the closet. Fold all the linen sets the same way to keep a uniform size and shape of each set. By having a uniform folding method, the sets will fit better into the space and have a cleaner, more unified look. You can organize the linens by style, type, color, size, room, etc. I prefer to organize by size (small to large) and color (light to dark). No one likes to be searching for a twin cotton set only to find it, after ripping out most of the other linen closet items, hidden under the king flannel set. Organization is a universal task and is often done from smallest to largest, top to bottom, and/or left to right. By separating out sizes, you will be less likely to lose a set that is hidden under a larger one. You may want to allocate one shelf per size, type of linen or the room which it belongs too. Separating sets by color allows you to easily find the set you are looking for, for a specific room. I prefer to color code them from light to dark. In addition to being able to locate the preferred linen set faster, a color coded closet would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and does not create a chaotic feel if a guest were to look in the closet.

Organization does not stop with the linen items. You can take it a step further and label the shelves, using a sharpie marker, with the size or type of linen. I actually like to put a piece of scotch take on the front edge of the shelf and then write the size or type on the tape. By placing the tape down first, I can easily rename the shelf if needed or take off the tape, if it is no longer relevant. Labeling the selves is helpful if someone, besides yourself, is going to put away a set or take one out to use. No one will organize the same way you do, but having items labeled will help! You could label each shelf by size, room or linen type.

Organization will help so you do not have to pull out multiple sets to find the correct size, resulting in a more proficiently run household!

Once you create an organization method, the same core principals can be used in other areas of your home. Consistency from room to room and space to space will be the most effective way to create and keep the organization.

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