How To Steam Clean A Carpet

Dirty carpet is an unavoidable part of having carpeting, especially if a person has children or pets. Carpet can be noticeably dirty, with stains and spots, or it can also be evenly dirty, where is has gradually collected things like dust and pet hair and dirt. Either way, the good news is that the carpet does not have to stay that way, and the key to maintaining freshly key carpets is by steam cleaning. Steam cleaning a carpet may sound like a difficult undertaking, but by following only a few simple steps, steam cleaning like a professional is easy.
The first thing to do after deciding to try out the task of steam cleaning a carpet is to acquire a steam cleaning machine. These can be purchased or rented from home improvement and cleaning companies. The next step is to pre-spray the carpet that is going to be treated. This is done by using the hand held sprayer attachment of the steam cleaning machine to release the first chemical needed in the steam cleaning process. The chemical needs to be sprayed as evenly as possible on the area that is going to be cleaned. It is not dangerous for children and pets; as long as an adult is handling the chemicals and machine the entire steam cleaning chore is a safe process. The first spray is used to loosen the dirt and grime in the carpet prior to using the steam cleaner.
The next step involves the big, noisy machine. After turning it on, take the steam vacuum attachment and run it over the areas of carpeting that have been sprayed with the first chemical. This vacuum releases the second chemical that is used for steam cleaning and it is after this step that one begins to notice the difference in the carpet. It is important not to leave the carpet too wet, or the drying process will last longer and there will be the potential for mold build up underneath the carpeting. After moving over the carpet several times with the second chemical it is time to move on. The vacuum removes the unwanted dirt, dust, allergens, animal hair, and bacteria from the carpet.
While the carpet will already look better at this point, the carpet will be noticeably cleaner after it dries. It will take several hours to dry completely on how wet it was after the cleaning process. It needs to be completely dry before furniture can be put back and it can be walked across. The steam cleaner removes the dirt from deep within the carpet, which is why it is the perfect method to not only clean dirty spots, but to also clean a more evenly dirty carpet that is not always noticeable. It is important to wait until the carpet is dry to fully see the different that steam cleaning a carpet makes. It is easy to steam clean a carpet at home, and the results leave the house looking and feeling clean and fresh.

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