How To Style A Small Bathroom

If you have a small apartment, or a small living space, chances are, you have a small bathroom. Especially if you know, you’re going to be living there, for a long period of time, you want to feel cozy, and at home, and even add your own style to your living area, including your bathroom. You may be inquiring, as to how to style a bathroom, especially when there is not much space to put; anything, but you’ll be surprised, what can be added to a small bathroom, to make it stand out.

The first thing you’re going to want, is rugs. Usually, you can go to any store, that sells bathroom items, and find matching rugs. Matching items would be, the toilet lid cover, the rug itself, and the rug that goes around the actual toilet. Sometimes you may find in a matching set, a toilet tank cover, that actually goes around the tank of the toilet. These all help to beautify, something, that is widely known, for being unattractive, unsightly, and unappealing; the toilet. Adding a matching set of rugs and covers to a toilet, gives it an elegant look, as well as making it more appealing to the eye.

Most likely, you already have a plastic shower curtain, but you’ll also want, a fabric shower curtain as well, to help decorate your shower area. It is possible to find a matching shower curtain, that complements, or is an exact copy, of the style of rugs you have chosen for your bathroom. If possible, it’s best to get everything to match, to bring more appeal to your bathroom. It may not sound like a big deal, but a matching garbage bin, that either complements, or has the same style as your rugs and shower curtain, will add it to the overall appeal, and beauty of your newly decorated bathroom.

If possible, it’s best to add wallpaper to your bathroom. Because of the small size, it won’t take up much wallpaper, to decorate the bathroom in full, even if you decide to only do wallpaper at the very top, or bottom of the wall. If you’re bathroom design, has a common style, such as zebra stripes, or spots, then finding a matching wallpaper, should be pretty easy, as those are common traits, that can be found in a design of wallpaper. It would be amazing, to have your wallpaper, also match the rugs, shower curtain, and garbage bin that you have chosen for your bathroom. The point is, matching is the key, and it goes a long way.

If you have counter top space in your bathroom, use it for some decorations as well. Add a bath gift basket, especially one with multiple bath products, because it gives an inviting, and comfy feeling to the bathroom, as well as making the counter space, look more attractive. Even if your bathroom is private, and you don’t plan on sharing it with outsiders, you may still want to add some lotions, body sprays, and even oils, onto your counter top. Even if these items are never used, they do help to complement the counter top, especially if put alongside, a bath gift basket.

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