How to Style the Country Cottage Look

Country cottage living equates to breathing in the fragrant air, relishing the soothing sounds of waterfalls ans listening to birds chirping to their mates. Creating this part of heaven is not that hard if you follow some useful tips.

Designing Front Path

First impressions are lasting impressions, so it is important to add a welcoming entrance to the country cottage you are about to style. Depending on the architecture of the cottage, the front entrance can become the significant feature by itself, especially if the cottage is well defined. Whether the entrance comprises of sidewalk, porch, or street, the front path should be made of formal materials such as gravel or wood chips that are better suited to the more private areas of the property. The path can be softened with low growing shrubs, annuals and perennials to draw attention. When choosing plants avoid thorny shrubs, roses and those that have spooky appearance. The door of the entrance should suit the style as well.

Maintaining Character Features

Character is an important part of a country cottage design, since it is the character that will be visible at first sight. Well-chosen and beautifully designed furniture, doors and windows lend grace to the cottage that may be useful in defining particular style or era and creating focal points. These features can also add depth and a sense of perspective to the space. Many characters that are considered classical today originated over hundreds of years. Preserving them is one of the ways to style a country cottage. Opt for simple wooden furniture or the ones that have rustic look that give a sense of dated decor. Colorful cushions and throws can be accented by flower pots to lend a cheerful air to indoor rooms.

Painting the Rooms

Painting is another area to look into while designing a country style cottage. Walls for a country cottage don’t have to cost a fortune. Without changing the expensive and natural features of the space, you can dress up the rooms and make it relaxing. Flashier techniques such as stenciling create decor based on country themes. Where you want restful activities you can color the walls with a subdued or neutral tone. Finish up by painting the wall surface with glaze or sandpaper. The existing furniture can also be painted for crackle look that mimic antiques.

Attention to Details

Heavy curtains don’t go well with country style. The same rule applies for decorating fireplace with modern accessories. Note that whatever type of style you desire, there are bulbs to enhance the design, so make sure to use them well.

Finally, designing a country cottage is all about your wishes and dreams for the limited space and then bringing them down to what you can really accomplish with your time, money and space. Take some time to review the style and be sure to address each and every details. Try to coordinate the materials used with the materials that form the structure. Make sure the design naturally blend with the house and its environment.

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