Parents wish to see code new Stono Park instead of a restoration project

A devise to spend millions of dollars to refurbish Stono Elementary School is prolonged overdue, according to district officials. But some relatives contend a Charleston County School District should build a code new school.

Six years ago, a one-cent sales taxation was upheld and partial of a income lifted was ostensible to be used to build a new Stono Park Elementary School. The guess to build that new propagandize is $26 million, so a Charleston County School District is re-thinking a plan.

Built in a 1950′s, both inside and out, Stono Elementary shows a age. Principal Michelle Simmons pronounced a propagandize has destined upkeep issues.

“The HVAC complement is antiquated and we do need a new HVAC system. The trailers being private from a behind would be outstanding,” Simmons said.

She pronounced a strange HVAC complement fails to keep a kids comfortable in a winter and cold in a summer. She combined many people are dissapoint a new building isn’t in a works.

“If we had a way, a choice, everybody walking a halls here would adore a code new, newly assembled building. we consider that goes though saying,” Simmons said. “(But) we feel like a significant, estimable restoration package will offer a students and a staff as well.”

Jeff Borowy, a emissary for Capital Programs with CCSD, pronounced a lot has happened given 2010, when a initial devise was to build a new propagandize for a Stono students.

“The series of students in an area change, a volume of work you’ve got to do on buildings changes, and so we consider a preference to go behind and demeanour is mark on,” Borowy said.

The district re-assessed a need for a new propagandize in 2014. Borowy pronounced they found building a new propagandize from a belligerent adult would forestall a district from pity a wealth.

Renovations will cost about $9 million, withdrawal $17 million to finish other projects.

“We’ve finished up-fits in other locations; it looks, feels, acts, smells, performs like a new propagandize and that’s unequivocally what it’s all about,” Borowy said. “By spending reduction income here, we can spend some-more income on other things that are also very, really essential to a propagandize district.”

If renovations are approved, students will pierce to a proxy space in a fall. It could take adult to dual years to finish a renovations plan during Stono Elementary, officials said.

The magnitude was ostensible to be voted on during a Feb. 21 meeting, though house members opted to pull it off a night’s bulletin and behind to Mar 21.

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